Importance of Beyond Coal

Saoirse McMahon

Campus Beyond CoalâÄôs effort to transition the University of Minnesota to coal-free energy sources promotes sustainability not only for the University, but also the nation. The whole nation needs to move toward a clean energy future, and coal stands in the way of this progress. The University is making great strides in transitioning to clean and efficient energy and that should not go unnoticed. However, if we intend to remain a leader in sustainability, transitioning to alternative sources other than coal is imperative. As we speak, the University is currently arranging a plan to fit the PresidentâÄôs Climate Commitment of carbon neutrality. A priority in meeting these goals needs to be switching campus steam plants beyond coal. President Bob Bruininks needs to make a public commitment to transition the UniversityâÄôs steam plants beyond coal as soon as feasibly possible. Saoirse McMahon, University undergraduate studen