Since Thursday, six thefts and an assault attempt have been reported on campus

Kacey Holmen

A man was arrested Sept. 2, and charged with attempting to assault a University of Minnesota student.

Several thefts have also occurred on campus since Thursday, University of Minnesota Police Department records show.

Attempted Assault

Around noon on Sept. 2, first-year psychology student Emma Pederson was sitting in her hammock in The Knoll park when a man she didn’t know approached her.

He sat near her hammock and started talking about his sexual life and alcohol use, Pederson said.

Uncomfortable, Pederson told him to leave. When he didn’t, after 10 minutes, she began to yell, she said.

At that point, Pederson said, “he implied that he has choked people before and would do it again.”

In the midst of Welcome Week, there were frequent passersby, Pederson said.

“I felt unsettled that no one intervened,” she said.

The man left, and Pederson called police, who arrested him soon after, police records show.


Since Thursday, six thefts have been reported to UMPD.

Police records show two bike thefts, and a golf cart was stolen from behind the stadium during Thursday’s Gopher football opener against Oregon State, said Jacqueline Brudlos, Parking and Transportation Services communications director.