Event to offer two sides of abortion debate

“Abortion: Two Perspectives” will take place in Coffman Wednesday at 7.

With a goal to provide students with a better understanding of the arguments for and against abortion, the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Students for Human Life group will host an event, âÄúAbortion: Two Perspectives,âÄù on Wednesday. Professionals on each side of the issue will present their arguments starting at 7 p.m. in the Coffman Union Theater. Dr. David Baram, OB-GYN, will present the pro-choice perspective on abortion and Stephanie Gray, co-founder of the Canadian Center for Bio-ethical Reform, will offer the opposing view. Students for Human Life Secretary Leona Jovanovich said Baram and Gray were chosen based on their experience in the abortion debate and their ability to articulate their point of view. The sponsors are looking forward to strong arguments on each side, Jovanovich said. Jovanovich said the event will be more like a forum than a debate. The audience will be discouraged from cheering because it is not meant to be a competition. A neutral moderator will keep time and each side will receive an equal chance to present and respond to each otherâÄôs arguments, as well as make closing remarks. A 45-minute question and answer period following the speakers will allow audience members to participate in the discussion, Jovanovich said. St. PaulâÄôs Outreach and Students for a Conservative Voice are co-hosting the event, which is free for students. Refreshments will be offered following the discussion.