Fashionista Special Report: McQueen is not so royal

by Kara Nesvig

 Forgive the lame pun, but I’ve just returned from Nicollet Target a little bit crestfallen, but not entirely surprised. The McQ for Target collection is indeed out, and has drawn many onlookers, but perhaps the hot pink striped one-shoulder leotard is a little too much for Minneapolis’ taste. There are definitely a few items I’ll return for when they hit the clearance rack, like that blue dress I mentioned, but all in all, you could throw it in with the Mossimo and xhilariation lines and it’d be hard to tell which was which.

However, the Thakoon line is now at 75% off, so if you’re an XS or an XL there are pieces you should nab. The cardigan I wanted is $8.74, a bargain on any day, but I’m no XS. However, most of the other skyway stores are having sales, and Banana Republic’s golden with their extra 30% off clearance. Go! Shop! Support the economy!