Elect Paul Anderson

On Nov. 4, we will once again be given an opportunity to exercise our civic responsibility. In addition to electing a new president, representatives and senators in Minnesota we will be asked to vote for Supreme Court judges. Judicial elections are difficult choices as many voters are unaware of the background, strengths, weaknesses and experience that candidates may bring to the bench. One of the contested elections involves incumbent Paul Anderson. Justice Anderson is everything that one would want in a Supreme Court justice. He is hardworking, fair and impartial. Former Chief Justice A. M. Sandy Keith has stated it best when he said, âÄúPaul Anderson represents the best quality of Minnesotans, competent, hard-working, humble, calm, patient and generous. Simply stated, he is an asset to Minnesota.âÄù Anderson, since the time of his appointment in 1994, has regularly invited University of Minnesota students to come and visit the court. At that time he speaks and discusses with the students the background and history of the judiciary gaining an understanding of the court and its operation. His presentations have a positive impact on many students who have attended this program over the years. He devotes a great deal of his time to educate those he comes in contact with on how the court system operates. In addition to assisting and speaking to University students, Anderson regularly participates in the Hennepin and Ramsey County Bar Association Legal Expo where high school students are provided an opportunity to meet with and discuss the judicial system with their judges. This dedication and commitment has not gone unnoticed. In 1999, he received the American Bar AssociationâÄôs Judicial Recognition Award for his commitment to legal assistant programs. In 2000, he received the MacalesterâÄôs College Distinguished CitizenâÄôs Award and in 2002, the YMCAâÄôs Youth in Government Crystal Dome Award. The Ramsey County Bar Association recognized him and awarded him the distinguished humanitarian award. It is important as we vote to know a little bit about the people who are on the ballot. AndersonâÄôs background is that of an experienced practitioner and jurist, an individual who is fair and impartial and has served Minnesota and its citizens well. His legal and professional background, and most importantly, his temperament and dedication make it important that he be elected on Nov. 4. Mark J. Karon attorney/director University Student Legal Service