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Pick me! U student featured on elimiDATE

Jon Godfrey lived a dream many single college men have had: He went on a date with four women at once.

But he also experienced a nightmare: His grandmother was able to watch his every move on the date.

Godfrey’s date was broadcast on “elimiDATE,” a show on the Warner Brothers Network featuring one “picker” who gradually pares down a field of four contestants of the opposite sex.

A University economics senior from Milwaukee, Godfrey said he hasn’t had trouble getting dates in the past but thought the show would be fun.

“I was actually promoting my friend and trying to get him on the show,” Godfrey said.

He said he was at a bar in Milwaukee in June when he filled out an application for the show.

The date – which premiered 9 p.m. Tuesday – was filmed late July in Milwaukee.

During the date, Godfrey and competitors Michelle, Kelly, Jacquelyn and Lisa visited five bars and got to know each other better.

The women’s last names were not released.

“A lot of (the show) is staged to make it interesting,” Godfrey said.

For example, he said most of the questions the “picker” asks the competitors are supplied by the producers.

He was asked to submit a list of questions after he was selected for the show.

“One they really liked went like this: ‘I’m a peanut vendor at Miller Park. If I came around with my tray, what would you do with my nuts?’ ” Godfrey said.

He said while the women seemed outgoing, they didn’t offer much response.

Though he used many of his own questions, Godfrey said the show’s producers insisted he ask the women, “What makes you think you’re good at sex?” even though he requested not to.

To prepare for the date, producers asked Godfrey to bring his wardrobe to the set. They chose his outfits, such as the leather pants and red shirt he wore at the fifth bar.

There are other stipulations contestants have to follow. Godfrey said he was not allowed to speak or look at the competitors when the tape wasn’t rolling.

Also, Godfrey said the producers told the women to “initiate conflict” with each other.

The shows’ producers were unavailable for comment.

Godfrey also said the women were creative in manipulating him to pick them.

He said one of the women put whipped cream on her chest for him to lick off.

In the end, it came down to Jacquelyn and Michelle.

He picked Michelle because “the other girl laughed too hard at her own jokes.”

It also didn’t hurt that earlier in the date, he asked to see the girls’ underwear. It didn’t look like Michelle was wearing any, and Godfrey said he wanted to find out for sure.

She was.

After taping the show, Godfrey said he went out with Michelle twice, but just as friends.

“It was fun; we had a good time,” Godfrey said. “But I don’t think I’d actually date them.”

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