Carlson supporter wants to prosecute

Briana Bierschbach

A recent letter sent out to former supporters of Charles Carlson – the student who recently dropped out of the Ward 2 race for Minneapolis City Council after a series of false claims – stated that Carlson received donations based on falsified statements , and should be prosecuted for theft by fraud.


Jesse Berglund, a former supporter of Carlson’s campaign, sent out the letter stating that supporters of Carlson who donated to his campaign should seek restitution for their contributions because they were made under the reliance on Carlson’s false claims.


"Carlson’s deceptions were not merely unethical and wrong, they also likely were illegal. Carlson used his deceptions to obtain campaign contributions from many people, who likely donated in reliance on the truth of his statements," according to the letter. "This is theft through fraud, and everyone who donated to his campaign should be able to seek restitution for the amount they donated."


Berglund wrote that although he has sympathy of for Carlson’s history of mental illness, he said he never found Carlson to be of "unsound mind," nor did the former candidate ever apologize to his supporters for his deceit.


"I believe that Carlson should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for taking advantage of everyone involved and to deter future bad conduct by him or others," the letter read.


Berglund included a standardized letter to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman for those who wish to pursue prosecution.