Hit and run

Brian Close

Minneapolis police officers responded to a hit and run accident at the corner of University Avenue and 5th Street Southeast on Oct. 13.
The victim, a University employee named Said Ahmed, was waiting to turn left on University Avenue from the intersection when the suspect turned left from University Avenue onto 5th Street and collided with the victim’s vehicle.
When Ahmed recommended calling police, the suspect seemed very agitated and attempted to move his car back from the accident, Ahmed said.
“The car driver seemed drunk, or in a drugged state,” Ahmed said. “He was not stable.”
At one point, after his attempts to move his own car failed, the suspect tried to enter Ahmed’s car, perhaps to move it back, Ahmed said.
The suspect then yelled to a friend in a car that had been following him. The two attached a rope to the bumper of the suspect’s car and pulled it away from the wreckage.
Then, witnesses said, the pair both drove away in the second car. When police later questioned the second man, he told them he did not know where the suspect lives, and would not give the suspect’s name.
He added that the suspect told him Ahmed’s car collided with his car. Minneapolis police detectives are investigating the case.
Ahmed said the whole ordeal lasted about two minutes, and left him stunned.
“I was so surprised that the scene happened so quickly, as if everything was prepared, they have had a similar scene before, or they are professionals,” he said. “If you are not guilty, why would you have to run?”

In other police news:
ù University Police Officer Kurt Hallstrom responded to calls from several employees at the Bridges Cafeteria at Fairview University Medical Center on Oct. 13.
According to witnesses, a 47-year-old man who has been a patient at the hospital entered the cafeteria at 9:30 p.m. and loaded a tray with three fish sandwiches and an order of french fries.
He then walked out of the restaurant without paying.
Witnesses said the suspect, who has a record for theft and tampering with a motor vehicle, has done this before, but both were reluctant to sign a citizen’s arrest.

ùUniversity Police Officer Erik Swanson issued a disorderly conduct ticket Friday afternoon to a man allegedly soliciting sex in a Willey Hall bathroom stall.
According to Swanson’s report, the man, seated at the next stall, began tapping his foot near Swanson’s stall. Swanson tapped back.
Then the man rubbed the toe of his shoe on the toe of Swanson’s shoe. Shortly after, Swanson left the stall to wait for the suspect.
When the man exited the stall and he noticed the uniformed officer, his eyes got “extremely large,” and he walked toward a wall. When he realized he was at a dead end, he turned and walked back toward Swanson.
When Swanson asked the man where he was going, he replied, “I don’t know,” the report states.
According to Swanson’s report, the suspect told Swanson he had read stall graffiti that said “if you tapped your foot, you could sex here.”

ù A female victim called Minneapolis police to report a drunken man who had harassed her at 115 5th St. S.E. on Friday. She reported that while visiting a friend there, she was confronted by the suspect.
She said the suspect attempted to “run her down” with his wheelchair and that she did not want to press charges, but wanted the problems to cease.
On previous occasions, she reported, the suspect yelled at her and her friend and cursed them, calling them “bitches.”