Behind every good man …

The musicians known more for their marriages

Keri Carlson

Walk the Line” is as much about Johnny Cash’s marriage as it is about his music. But the film gives June Carter Cash more credit for being Cash’s savior than being a musician in her own right.

And she’s not the only female musical artist whose talent stands in the shadow of her husband. The following is a list of women who, like Carter Cash, are in many ways more known through their husbands than for their own contributions to music.

Alice Coltrane
HUSBAND: John Coltrane
Similar to her husband, Coltrane’s interest in Eastern religion and philosophy can be heard in her music. She played the piano, organ and harp and brought a uniquely textured style to her compositions.

Yoko Ono
HUSBAND: John Lennon
Ono is only recognized for breaking up the Beatles. And it doesn’t help that Beatles and pop purists find (or would find) Ono’s music pretty awful. But for those who can handle avant-garde and experimental, Ono’s music actually sounds more contemporary than any of Lennon’s songs.

Faith Evans
HUSBAND: The Notorious BIG
On the All Music Guide Web site, Evans is not listed in Biggie’s bio until more than halfway down. In contrast, he is mentioned in the first sentence of hers. Evans is far from being one of R&B’s biggest or greatest divas, but she brings a refreshing subtlety with smooth vocals to the radio. Her style is cool rather than dramatic.