Man has surgery after Spring Jam fall

Greg Corradini

An officer at Spring Jam on Saturday saw a 19-year-old man fall approximately 25 feet to the ground from a wall near Boynton Health Service, according to a police report.

The man was underage and had been drinking heavily throughout the day, according to the report. He was not a University student.

An ambulance took him to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The center initially told University police the man was treated and released from the hospital. But Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department, said police found out later that the man was admitted to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery for bleeding in his brain.

Officials at Hennepin County Medical Center said the man is not listed in their inpatient directory.

Aggravated robbery

University police arrested four of five suspects early Tuesday on charges of aggravated robbery for two separate incidents, Johnson said.

Three juvenile girls and one woman allegedly approached a female University student at 9:35 p.m. Monday and assaulted her. They then stole her purse near Middlebrook Hall.

At 11:40 p.m., the same group of women allegedly attacked and robbed four other people near the intersection of Fourth Street South and 20th Avenue South.

Early Tuesday, officers located the suspects and their vehicle at the Cedar-Riverside towers. Officers found evidence of the robberies in the vehicle, according to police.

Some victims identified the suspects, and police then took them to Hennepin County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center.

Driving while intoxicated

Police cited six drunken drivers this weekend.

In one incident, Johnson said, officers came across a man who had driven his dad’s car off the road, up an embankment and over a concrete barrier in a parking lot.

The car was teeter-tottering on the barrier with its wheels two feet above the pavement, Johnson said.

When the officers approached the vehicle, the drunken driver left the car and started walking away, while someone else approached the officers, yelling about the legalization of marijuana. The officers arrested the yelling individual on charges of obstructing the legal process with force.

Officers booked the drunken driver at Hennepin County Jail on charges of second-degree driving while intoxicated, because he had a previous citation for driving while intoxicated.

“The bottom line is that people who drive drunk are not only endangering their own lives but are endangering anyone’s life who is on the street,” Johnson said.

An Operation NightCAP shift, which targets drunken drivers, also started Saturday evening, but Johnson said he hadn’t received the reports on how many arrests were made.

Underage drinking

Police cited 32 people for underage drinking during the weekend, according to police reports.

While not all the alcohol violations were related to Spring Jam, Johnson said, the high number of them reflects people’s tendency to party and socialize more toward the end of the semester.

“This is their last fling before finals,” he said.

The number of citations for minor consumption was higher than a typical weekend, Johnson said.

Police could have cited more people at Spring Jam for underage drinking but didn’t have enough time between the patrolling and medical calls.

Among the alcohol-related incidents, police ticketed two people for underage drinking after they woke up Saturday morning. The students had been drinking the night before, according to police reports.

Officers discovered one man passed out on a McDonald’s picnic table.

Later that morning, police took a University student who was sleeping outside to a detoxification center. The woman told police that she couldn’t find her residence hall room after leaving a party.

In another incident, police saw a man walking down Fifth Street Southeast tearing pages from a phone book.

An officer stopped the man, who smelled strongly of alcohol, and cited him for underage drinking.

During Spring Jam, Johnson said, the University Police Department’s number one concern is the public’s safety.

“If there are medical emergencies, there needs to be access for emergency services to get in to render aid or address the problem,” he said.

Alcohol consumption is also a big problem with Spring Jam’s party atmosphere, he said.

The University Police Department had approximately 20-24 officers working throughout the course of the evening Saturday.

Attempted robbery

A 16-year-old man unsuccessfully attempted to rob University senior Nathan Boyer, according to a police report.

Boyer said that he was walking to work last week across the Washington Avenue Bridge when a juvenile stepped out of a wind-tunnel doorway, approached him and said, “Give me your stuff.”

After Boyer threw him down, the man stood back up, and the two “tussled for a bit,” Boyer said.

The man had no weapons, Boyer said.

At one point, Boyer had the 16-year-old in a choke hold and was yelling at other people on the bridge to call police, he said.

“They just looked at me pretty blankly,” Boyer said.

The man got away from Boyer and ran into Willey Hall.

Boyer hit the police call box button at the end of the bridge, he said, and waited for police to show up.

Johnson said an officer responded to the scene quickly and put out a very good description of the suspect to other officers.

Two investigators in plain clothes arrested the suspect at a Washington Avenue Southeast bus stop, Johnson said.

Santa Claus Coke

Officers responded to a call of a woman spray painting a Coke machine on the Washington Avenue Bridge, according to a police report.

When officers arrived, they found two Coke machines with “Santa is real” painted on them.

Officers were unable to locate the suspect.