Gopher football players involved in Dinkytown brawl

One player tried to run but was caught by police.

by Ian Larson

University of Minnesota police cited a Gopher linebacker for underage drinking after they broke up a brawl involving several University of Minnesota football players and residents of a house in Dinkytown Sunday morning, according to a police report. University police found 15-20 men fighting when they responded to a call that several Gopher football players were coming to beat up residents at a house on the 700 block of 15th Avenue Southeast, according to the report. University police officers passing by in an unmarked car saw Gopher linebacker Gary Tinsley âÄúswinging around a wood board during the fight,âÄù according to the police report. Tinsley ran from the scene âÄúextremely fastâÄù when a uniformed University police officer arrived. The officer fired several rounds of PepperBall chemical irritant at Tinsley, who was undeterred by the measure and escaped by cutting between houses on the block, according to a University police report. At the house, police shouted for the crowds to disperse, but the majority of those involved ignored the command, according to the report. Police fired PepperBalls into the sidewalk to pare the lingering crowd. A University police officer shot one man in the leg with a PepperBall when the man broke the line and approached officers. Officers did not apprehend the man because they were focused on the larger brawl, according to the report. Police brought Tinsley back to the house, but no one there identified him in connection with an assault, according to police. Callers to 911 said that as many as 50 people gathered during the fight, according to the report. âÄúThis is huge,âÄù one 911 caller said, according to a police report. A Gopher football spokesman called the incident an internal matter and had no further comment. Police did not identify other Gopher football players who might have been involved. Police returned to the house several times during the evening for calls of similar types of incidents. Other scuffles erupted in Dinkytown throughout the evening, including a tussle in which police fired numerous PepperBalls into a crowd near the McDonaldâÄôs at the corner of 15th Street and 4th Street Southeast, according to a University Police report. Police Taser man near Tate Hall A University of Minnesota police officer forced a 19-year-old Fairmont man into submission with a Taser following a reported knife fight near Tate Hall of Physics early Saturday morning, according to police. A University student called police when the man threatened him while he was playing a game of capture the flag in Northrop Mal l, according to a University police report. The officer ordered the man to surrender and lie on the ground, but he refused. The officer leveled her pistol at the man, who continued to resist, according to the report. âÄúGo ahead and [expletive] shoot me,âÄù the man said, according to the report. The officer then withdrew her Taser and ordered the man to surrender and lie on the ground. He refused again. The officer used her Taser on him and restrained him, according to the report. The man was cited for minor consumption, according to the report. Deputy Chief Chuck Miner of University police said the officer exercised proper Taser use in a dangerous situation.