Students protest Iran elections

Similar protests have been happening across the world since the elections.

About 30 people protested the Iran election Saturday afternoon in Uptown. The protest, which took place at the intersection of Hennepin Ave. and West Lake St., brought together both Iranian and American people of all ages, who held signs and chanted together in support of the Iranian people. Participants said they were protesting the violent police reaction to protests on the streets in Tehran, Iran, as well as what they believe to be unfair election procedures, which handed victory to the controversial Mahmoud Ahmadinejad instead of a reformist candidate. Hannah Heidt, an organizer of the demonstration, said most of the information for the protest was spread on the Internet, through Facebook and online forums specifically for organizing protests. The studentsâÄô protests added to the voice of thousands of people around the world, in Tehran and other cities with large Iranian populations, such as Los Angeles and London. The protest, which drew many supportive honks from passing cars, lasted from noon until about 2:30 p.m. Check WednesdayâÄôs Daily for full coverage of the protest.