Obama reveals privacy bill of rights

Jeff Hargarten


The Obama administration will unveil a legislative plan to protect people’s online privacy, CNET reported.

The administration plans to work with Congress on the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights starting tomorrow. The announcement comes as technology companies, like Google, Facebook and Apple, have come under intense criticism for their user tracking policies. Mobile devices have also increased the ability of large technology corporations to collect user data.

The new digital bill of rights promises Internet users the ability to control what data companies collect, how that data is used or shared, prevent the data collected on one website from being used on another and to know who is accountable for misusing their information. The bill would apply to personal data linked to specific people and online profiles rather than information collected from anonymous users.

The U.S. Department of Commerce will work with Internet companies and consumer advocacy groups to create codes of conduct to comply with the new legislation. The bill will be enforceable by the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general.

The Obama administration has been working on the bill for two years.