Organizers delay launch of Arkeo

Established in 2010, Arkeo is the greek community’s party self-policing group.

Aaron DuBois

Arkeo, the greek party self-policing system, is running into delays once again.

The system’s implementation was scheduled for Feb. 23, pending training this past weekend. The training was pushed back because the executive director of the program needed more time to prepare, said Mike Danley, Interfraternity Council president.

In 2010, the Office for Student Affairs mandated that the greek community implement the program after a series of alleged sexual assaults at fraternities.

After months of planning, the Interfraternity Council voted to buy insurance to cover any potential liabilities associated with peer monitoring in April 2011. The program operated for less than a month until the end of classes. It didn’t continue with the new school year because the director resigned.

Danley said greeks had problems implementing Arkeo because of the logistics of starting such a program from scratch.

He said the organization was more independent of the IFC in the past but is currently working more closely with the council. The new training session is scheduled for this weekend.