Will work for respect

I couldnâÄôt help but take issue with the Minnesota Daily editorial boardâÄôs editorial “Asking for a little bit of change.” It claimed that “Giving money to panhandlers only reinforces dependency and perpetuates the vicious cycle of poverty” and that it “does nothing to address the root causes of homelessness in the city: domestic violence, drug abuse and mental illness all contribute.”

Claiming that these unfortunate circumstances cause homelessness is grossly irresponsible. This is not a simple cause and effect issue. Believe it or not, there are people with mental illness who are not homeless.

This is a perfect example of blaming the victim. Many homeless people lost their jobs because of the state of the economy. They have medical bills and no health care. Some fought overseas and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with no way of receiving treatment.

And while it is possible that a few con artists may be faking homelessness as you suggest in the last sentence of your propaganda, you offer no evidence to prove it. I have confidence that the man on the corner standing knee-deep in snow isnâÄôt hiding a Ferrari in the alley. If he should ask for change, and I do as you suggest and donate to an organization, do you honestly expect any “real change” to happen before he starves to death?

This article glorifies the treatment of homeless people as lesser beings. I may perpetuate the cycle of poverty, but you perpetuate the cycle of hatred and fear of the less fortunate.