Kim Nelson

Running for a seat in the state House of Representatives for the first time, District 54A republican candidate Kim Nelson is claiming to be “a voice for your family.”
“The Legislature is a citizen’s Legislature, a little bit of everyone needs to be present, because everyone is represented,” Nelson said.
Nelson graduated from the University in 1993 with a degree in constitutional history and wants to maintain the level of quality present at the University.
“The University is an asset to the state. We wouldn’t do well to shirk the responsibility of funding the University,” she added.
With a campaign centered around advocating community concerns, Nelson said she is approaching the position with a real-life point of view, “like a regular person.”
Nelson said she wants to give the budget surplus back to the taxpayers and is highly concerned with the processes that occur within government bodies.
Pushing government reform, specifically bills passed without a complete understanding by the parties signing them is one of her highest priorities.
Nelson, active in her church and New Life Women’s Center, said, “I believe strongly that the pro-life position is the most pro-woman.” She also wants to toughen sentencing on repeat and violent offenders.