National report criticizing U’s spending may be faulty

Anne Millerbernd

A report criticizing the University of Minnesota’s administrative spending that caught national attention is being investigated for inaccuracies.

The report, published Sunday by the Institute for Policy Studies, a self-described “progressive multi-issue think tank,” was taken down Monday. The report evaluated public universities’ levels of administrative spending in comparison to their student debt levels and numbers of contingent faculty employed. The report ranked the University third most unequal in its spending.

According to the IPS website, the organization is working with one of its sources, the American Federation of Teachers Higher Ed Data Center, to correct any inaccurate data published in the report titled “The One Percent at State U.”

The report’s findings on executive compensation and student debt are not affected, according to the website.

President Eric Kaler said in an interview Monday that the data in the report was faulty and improperly analyzed.

IPS published a revised version of the report Wednesday, which placed the University as fourth most unequal in its spending.