Cracker Barrel Culture Calendar: The Intellect’s Pocket Guide

Martina Marosi

It may be true that a fool and his money are soon parted, but read carefully and you could be a regular Einstein. Below are a couple ways you can impress your friends without breaking the piggy bank.

Sept. 18, Sun., 2:00 pm – Sunset Boulevard
Loring Theater (1407 Nicollet Ave. S.)
Have you always wanted to reference “Alright Mr. Demille I’m ready for my close-up” but knew it didn’t sound right rolling off the lips of a fraud? Now’s your chance to authenticate! Sunset Boulevard tells the story of a Hollywood screenwriter down on his luck who ends up getting trapped in a mansion by an aging silent film star who has long descended into obselescence and likewise, madness. Watch as the situation turns from bad, to worse, to worser. No, this isn’t the Joan Rivers documentary “Piece of Work,” but it’s a classic, classy, and has class. $10

Sept. 20, Tues., 7:00 pm – Café Scientifique
Bryant-Lake Bowl (810 W. Lake St.)
Though from the title it sounds as if it’s some underground lab where Rebecca Romijn will be available in a full latex body paint to stroke your beard hair, this monthly congregation gathers philosophy phans at a local watering hole to meet, chit-chat and stave off the gnawing pangs of loneliness. For just the price of a glass of wine or cup of coffee, you can join other Scientistes to talk science, sustainability and which Christopher Nolan movie had the most boobs in it.

Sept. 22, Thurs., 7:30 pm – Benda Bilili!
Walker Art Center
(1750 Hennepin Avenue)
Their 9/27 performance at the Cedar Cultural Center was cancelled when Visa problems forced the entire Congolese band, four members of which are paraplegics, to forego their entire North American tour. However, the Walker will play the eponymous documentary that tracks their beginnings as street musicians into successful international performers. Imagine it as an African Buena Vista Social Club with more rumba.