Daily Digest: Vikings stadium, Clinton visit, WikiLeaks

by Taryn Wobbema


Did you know it’s the last week in October? Weird. Here’s your Daily Digest for Monday, Oct. 25.

Two-thirds of Minnesotans say the Vikings should stay in the Metrodome and 75 percent oppose having a new stadium paid for in part by taxpayers, according to a Star Tribune poll. In the same poll, the approval rate for the public subsidy of the Twins’ new stadium has risen from 29 percent to 48 percent. The Vikings’ spokesman emphasized the necessity to “retain the Vikings as a state asset,” while one poll respondent said she would rather see public money go toward education.

President Barack Obama was not the only major Democrat campaigning in Minnesota this weekend. Former president Bill Clinton rallied in Blaine, Minn. yesterday for DFL congressional candidate Terryl Clark. Clark is vying for Rep. Michele Bachmann’s seat. Clinton used a pretty colorful metaphor to describe Republican criticism of Democrats’ attempts to fix the economy: “I’d like to see [Republicans] get behind a locomotive going 200 miles an hour straight downhill and stop it in 10 seconds. You can’t do that.”

Over the weekend, the New York Times published stories based on more than 300,000 documents about the U.S. war in Iraq. The classified documents were obtained and vetted by WikiLeaks before being distributed to The Times, and several other publications outside the U.S. like the British newspaper The Guardian. The U.S. government has spoken up against WikiLeaks activity, saying they’re putting soldiers and informants in danger. According to The Times, “The Iraq documents provide no earthshaking revelations, but they offer insight, texture and context from the people actually fighting the war.” The stories published so far cover topics like civilian casualties, Iran’s role in the war and the use of private security contractors. There are like 10 stories…each is very good.