Media distort police brutality

Recent claims that “police brutality and power abuse. have become routine” are based on skewed coverage by the media. Hundreds of thousands of police arrests are not reported because they contain no drama or selling point. Therefore, it may seem there is a problem with the police, when in reality these incidents are rare and spread across the country.

My previous point does not even begin to discuss the severe danger that law enforcement offices puts themselves in on a daily basis.Often encountering situations where they are outnumbered and have no idea whether an individual or crowd is armed. We have to understand that police are not “all-knowing”; they have no way to tell what a person running away from them is hiding, could be a gun or a knife, or maybe the person is just unbelievably stupid. The fact that police officers willingly walk into unknown environments knowing they might be injured earns them the right to take certain measures to enforce the laws and protect us, and they are doing a good job.