Student robbed of cell phone at gunpoint

Also, police passed out 408 citations between two parties early Saturday.

Kevin Behr

For the second time in less than a week, a University student was robbed at gunpoint.

University student Mike Ferrin, was attacked early Sunday near Yale Avenue Southeast in the Prospect Park neighborhood, according to the police report.

Suspects approached Ferrin about 12:30 a.m. and robbed him of his cell phone at gunpoint, the report said.

University Deputy Police Chief Steve Johnson advised students to walk in well-lighted areas and use the University escort service.

He also stressed the importance of reporting any suspicious circumstances to police right away.

“We’d rather check calls on suspicious people standing around than deal with the results of an assault, he said.

Marcy-Holmes assault
A student was assaulted one block north of Dinkytown on his way to a friend’s house early Sunday.

Tony Bui, a political science sophomore, said that after he and a couple of friends left McDonald’s, someone ran across the street and began circling them.

He said his group kept walking to avoid an altercation, but nine of the person’s friends joined the fray.

“One of them punched my buddy in the back of the head for no reason at all,” Bui said.

He said he jumped on the man who attacked his friend and was then attacked himself.

“I had about 10 guys on top of me, stomping all over me,” Bui said.

This is the latest in a string of violent assaults that have occurred near campus within the past month.

“It’s such a random attack,” Bui said.

“I’ve been reading and hearing about this a lot and I never thought I would be the next one to get my ass kicked.”

Party patrol busts 408
One party in the 1000 block of 16th Avenue Southeast in the Southeast Como neighborhood netted 317 different citations early Saturday.

Police cited 91 more at a party on Ontario Street Southeast.

The citations included consumption of alcohol by minors, sale of liquor to minors and noise violations.

U student falls 30 feet
Officers responded to the call of an intoxicated man in Centennial Hall early Sunday.

When police arrived, they found an underage student vomiting into his trash can, according to the police report.

Johnson said the student was shaking uncontrollably and had difficulty answering simple questions from police.

According to the report, police gave the student a portable breath test and he blew a 0.202 percent, over twice the legal driving limit of 0.08 percent.

Matt Bartholow, a sophomore mechanical engineering student, said he saw police escort the student out of the residence hall.

The student screamed, “Run from the police,” ran away and jumped over a small retaining wall, falling nearly 30 feet to a concrete driveway below, according to police.

“He was lying on his back at the bottom and police gave him immediate attention,” Bartholow said. “He’s lucky to be alive.”

The student suffered a cracked pelvis and cuts to his hands, Johnson said.