Truth about Ventura

During his “Hardball” appearance, Gov. Jesse Ventura asked a student which taxes increased during his term. Rather than acceding to Ventura, the student should have asked him who proposed a tax-increasing package last session.

If you recall, Ventura was the one who put forth a tax-expansion proposal. Rather than follow his terms, the Legislature was able to balance the budget without those increases.

Furthermore, Ventura is incorrect in his claim that there were no tax increases during his four years. Last session, a sales tax was instituted for food establishments on college campuses. Sorry governor, you cannot truthfully say that there was not a tax increase during your term.

Students should be happy knowing we will have a new governor next year. Ventura betrayed his electorate when he said, “If you’re smart enough to go to college, you’re smart enough to pay for it.” Maybe this time, students will think a little more carefully when they vote.