A word from your student president

What campus issues get your goat? What solutions do you have for them? As one University community, lets get things done.

Some might say this is a strange coupling: the president of the undergraduate student body having a monthly opinion column in the school newspaper. That’s what I thought at first too; but elected officials often take public stances on things as part of their communication with their constituents. In fact, this monthly column could be a window between you (the student body) and me (one of your main representatives to the administration, the legislature and often the noncampus press). A window seems the best analogy because it can be seen through on both sides.

I want to let you know what I’m up to in the Minnesota Student Association office. I want to show you what can be done through student government and, hopefully, restore some faith in the process. I also want you to be kept abreast of the issues I and others in student government are dealing with – to foster an informed and active student body.

I am an opinionated person and have thought long and hard about issues that students face. However, I do not have all the answers. I would love for this column to become a conduit for two-way communication. I want to be able to bring questions to you and hear your opinions back.

So, use my contact info which can be found at the bottom of this column.

Here is what I want to know this month: What campus issues really get your goat and what can be done to fix them?

Now that I’ve got the introduction to the column out on the table, I want to just let you all know who I am and what sort of president I hope to be.

In my years here at the University, I have been many things. Some people know me as a dancer and choreographer, others as a student of feminism. Still others know me as a campus activist mainly on peace and labor issues. Now I am known to many as undergraduate student president. In that role, I hope to bring bits from the other parts of myself. I want to create my work this year as I would a work of art, with intention and meaning. I want to approach problems with the critical eye that cultural studies has given me. I want to work with the same passion and immediacy that I have experienced in my campus activism.

With that said, I want to do the cliche welcome back to school thing. So welcome back!

I’m often in my office at 235 Coffman. My office phone is: 625-9992. My cell phone is: 242-1094. My email is: [email protected].

Emily Serafy Cox is the University’s Minnesota Student Association President. Please send comments to [email protected].