Build affordable housing on campus, not luxury apartments

by Caitlin Davisson - University student

I was more than disappointed when I read about the recent rise of apartment complexes on campus in the Minnesota DailyâÄôs March 30 article, “Apartments rise as vacancy stays flat.” The viewpoints presented by various groups building the complexes on campus are shocking.

For example, Curt Gunbury, the owner of a construction company thatâÄôs building a brand new complex on campus said, “If youâÄôre spending $20,000 to $30,000 on an education, whatâÄôs a little more for housing thatâÄôs clean and safe?” He is saying the exact opposite of what most students are thinking. Most students are concerned with tuition and finding more affordable housing options.

The cost of most apartments on campus is ridiculous. I could be living in a nicer apartment somewhere off campus for the price IâÄôm paying at my current housing. I agree that more on-campus housing should be built, but there is no need to continue to build luxury apartments for students.

The majority of students at a public institution are looking for an affordable place to live, not one that will further their debt.