Dear Dr. Date,I us…

Dear Dr. Date,
I used to drive trucks over the road, and while on the interstate outside of Boston I saw something that I found hard to believe. During rush hour a pickup pulled along side of me. When I looked in the truck I noticed that the driver was receiving fellatio from his female companion. Traffic soon let up, yet this truck remained very close to my semi. When I would speed up or slow down, so would he, basically giving me an exhibition. All this time his partner had no clue as she was rather busy, however I would guess that she would not have been too happy with him had she known. I was just curious if many people do this or how often this is heard of, fellatio while driving? I would imagine that this is a dangerous activity. Does this add to the excitement? Also, why would he choose to become an exhibitionist? And would you recommend this activity? Interested to hear your reply. Thanks.
— Bo Jangles
This falls under exhibitionism to be sure, but in this specific example the philia known as agrexophilia seems most applicable. Agrexophilia refers to arousal stemming from the knowledge that others may be watching or listening to you have sex. My guess is that both the man and the woman were completely aware of what they were doing. They probably wanted to turn you on, which would in turn feed their pleasure.
Depending on the intensity of the fellatio and resultant orgasm, driving and oral sex are not particularly safe activities to mix. I did, however, know of one man who claimed to have intercourse while driving. Apparently, this was possible partly because they were driving a larger car along the very straight, flat roads of North Dakota.
Another philia that pertains here is hodophilia, or arousal from travel and the discovery of new places. The excitement of vacation and the anonymity of a new locale can often cause couples to try things they never would at home.
I found a couple references to truck driving and exhibitionism in my research, but very little in the way of an explanation. My guess is it has something to with the stereotype that most truck drivers are amoral and/or lonely and would welcome the titillation. This is in line with exhibitionism in general, where the culprits often feel that the experience is mutually beneficial.
I can’t say I’d exactly encourage the activity as a must-do, but I’m not about to squelch anyone’s funky spirit either. It can’t be any more dangerous than talking on a cell phone while driving, and it’s probably more fun.