Attempted robbery near Washington Avenue ramp

by Andy Steinke

University Police Chief Greg Hestness released a public safety alert Friday morning regarding an attempted robbery last Monday near the Washington Avenue Ramp.

First-year student Zachary Weis was riding his bicycle past the rear side of the parking ramp near the motorcycle contract parking lot around noon when two males stopped him and later attacked him.

“I was late for class and they stepped out in front of me and I was forced to stop my bike, ” Weis said. “They asked me for a cigarette, and I told them I didn’t have any.”

Weis said he got back on his bicycle to go around them when the shorter of the two suspects hit him in the eye, knocking him off his bike.

Then, a car going around the corner from Harvard Street Southeast onto Beacon Street slammed on its brakes and the taller suspect fled the scene, he said. The shorter suspect grabbed Weis’ bike and was going to flee before Weis stopped him.

“I punched him in the back of the head and he went face-first into the sidewalk, ” Weis said.

The suspect stumbled away, according to the alert, and no property was stolen.

University Deputy Police Chief Steve Johnson said the department is looking for camera footage captured in the area to identify the suspects.