If you want a good job, try going it alone

by By Daniel

As the new century approaches, many new concerns exist for our nation. The global market, peace in the Middle East and America’s role in the 21st century are of top concern for our nation. However, there are other concerns that have always been with us. Homelessness, the economy and the job market have been great domestic concerns since our nation’s birth. When it comes to the job market, however, there are two distinct ways of examining the situation. Take a look yourself, and decide the one you prefer.
In recent times, we have seen the downsizing of corporate America. IBM, AT&T and other large corporations have cut thousands of workers. These workers are filled with concerns for their future, jobs and money. In the past, a person finished college, found a job, climbed the corporate ladder and had a secure retirement from the company. Corporate America meant security for people. But those are days of the past. Today’s workers are taking large pay cuts just to work in their field. Even middle-sized companies can’t provide the security people desire. This is a sad time for the American job market. The future is discouraging.
Or you could envision another picture. In recent times, America has seen the downsizing of corporate America. Instead of hiring new workers, corporate America is contracting out to small businesses for its manufacturing, production and service needs. Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to own and operate their own business. People are no longer climbing the corporate ladder; they are making their own ladder.
Generations of the working class are now the new entrepreneurs of our time. The glass ceiling is cracking for everyone, but not in the way anyone expected.
Now take your pick; which one of these scenarios sounds better? It doesn’t matter which one you choose; they are both true.
It is just a matter of perspective. Corporate America is downsizing, but the opportunities for new businesses are peaking. With technology, communications and transportation growing every day, people who never thought they could be an employer are becoming their own bosses. This new class of entrepreneurs are now the offerers of American jobs and opportunities.
In the present American job market, thousands of jobs are being lost everyday. However, thousands of new jobs are being created to replace them. In a recent issue of Time magazine, an article pointed out that our nation has undergone one of the largest periods of new job creation in history. The majority of these new jobs aren’t part of corporate America’s face; they are the products of small business. Small business America is producing, manufacturing and providing services for our global market.
As for all of you want-to-be CEOs of top corporations, don’t worry, there is still hope. Corporate America will always need a select group of people.
Big business provides specialized services or products that small businesses lack the resources to provide. But for those who want to get ahead and be the boss, the time of opportunity is now.
You have no excuse. With tools such as the Internet, mass transportation and mass communication, the opportunities to display your talents are endless.
With a little creativity and a great deal of planning, entrepreneurship can be yours. It will take some time and preparation, but nothing is impossible.
So for those of you who are interested in entrepreneurship, the time is now. This is the 1990s, the decade the glass ceiling cracked in the United States.

Daniel Ware is a second-year law student from Magee. This column originally appeared Monday, Feb. 10, in the Daily Mississippian at the University of Mississippi.