Weekend Culture Compass – Mother’s Day, Loney Dear, and plenty of theater

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Source Celebrate Mothers Day weekend by paying homage to your favorite mommies and taking your own out for brunch.

Image by Ashley Goetz

Source Celebrate Mother’s Day weekend by paying homage to your favorite mommies and taking your own out for brunch.

Friday Music âÄì Dilinger Four Hey, itâÄôs Dillinger Four, our beloved hometown heroes. How nice to see that after 15 years of delicious punk theyâÄôre still together and rocking the pants off the Minneapolis scene. The 7th Street Entry isnâÄôt ideal, but close quarters at a punk rock show can be the catalyst for a wildfire. And Dillinger Four know what happens when you add alcohol to a burgeoning inferno. 7th Street Entry, 701 First Ave. N. 9 p.m. $8 Theater âÄì âÄúVenusâÄù Could you imagine if the brilliant Dr. Jekyll and the wicked Mr. Hyde were actually the same person? Oh wait, they were. Okay, imagine instead that Dr. Jekyll was a woman. Such is the story of Venus, a new comedy written by MinneapolisâÄô own Chan Polig. And if you think one massive revamp isnâÄôt enough, itâÄôs also a musical. So prepare yourself for a zany story of supermodels, magic potions and singing scientists. The Ritz, 345 13th Ave. N.E. 8 p.m. $15-40 Music âÄì The Sounds Sweden sure does love to export hybrid rock groups. The Sounds are just one of the many Scandinavian bands to cross the Atlantic and blend together a mad concoction of power-pop, garage rock and new wave sounds, but few do it so well. Lead singer Maja Ivarsson carries the band with her distinctive pipes and a visual style that pays heavy homage to Debbie Harry. Her voice ranges from quivering intrigue to bombastic assertion and the backing tunes hook and donâÄôt let go. Varsity Theater, 1308 Fourth St. S.E. 8 p.m. $17 Comedy âÄì âÄúInappropriate Laughter II: A Bigger And Funnier Sketch Comedy Show!âÄù Televised sketch comedy has forsaken all of us in the last decade or so (see: âÄúSNLâÄù), but the format is far from dead. Bryant-Lake Bowl is providing a glint of hope with live sketch called âÄúInappropriate Laughter II: A Bigger and Funnier Sketch Comedy Show!âÄù This crack team of writer/actors will make you laugh and theyâÄôll actually put some heart into it. Lorne Michaels needs to take some cues on their treatment of the latter. Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 Lake St. W. 6 p.m. $12 Music âÄì Cursive Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Tim Kasher âÄì CursiveâÄôs frontman âÄì have been chums since their early days pioneering the Omaha Sound (Read: minor chords, hyper-emotion and Saddle Creek Records). While Oberst has since discovered roots music and calmed his once outburst-prone temperament, Kasher is still letting it all hang out. ThatâÄôs not a bad thing, though, as CursiveâÄôs aggressive brand of cerebral emo is as engaging, well crafted and relevant as ever. Approaching their fifteenth year of existence, theyâÄôve gathered a rabid fan base and should tear up First Ave. with the same fervor Kasher does PolaroidâÄôs of exes. First Ave, 701 First Ave. N. 8 p.m. $11 Music âÄì Jeremy Messersmith Snappy crooner Jeremy Messersmith is one of the Twin CitiesâÄô resident troubadours. An emotive and talented songwriter, he holds an innate pop sensibility and an affinity for writing catchy tunes that are two parts substance, one part radio hook. Backed by the competent indy rock duo Kaisercartel, the will undoubtedly give an eventful show. Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave. S. 7 p.m. $8/$10 Burlesque âÄì Le Cirque Rouge Heralding back to the sexpots of yesteryear, Le Cirque RougeâÄôs golden-era style of burlesque hits all the points of high entertainment: Sex, music, dancing and drinking. A mix of feather boas, corsets, horn heavy blues and bebop, the sultry starlets who make up the cast of dancers for âÄúRougeâÄù are spot-on in character and dance and will have you wishing you were living in a simpler time of showroom burlesque … Nuts to prohibition, though. 331 Bar, 331 13th Ave. N.E. 10 p.m. Free cover Art âÄì SPRINGO! Ah spring! Love is in the air, Disney starts pumping their summer blockbuster ad campaigns, children flood the streets with bicycles and people can get drunk outside again. ItâÄôs a magical time. NortheastâÄôs bingo-crazy porch bar Spring Street TavernâÄôs seasonal phenomenon âÄúSpringoâÄù might be the best way to spend a half hour drinking. Described by the bar itself as âÄúKind of like bingo but free, with silly prizes!âÄù It seems the best thing to happen to the drinking world since bar dice. Spring Street Tavern, 355 Monroe St. N.E. 5:30 p.m. Free Theater âÄì The Velvet Rut Illusion theaterâÄôs production of James StillâÄôs play âÄúThe Velvet RutâÄù may seem a bit strange in subject, but it comes off as natural as it is rich in emotion. When passionate High school English teacher Mr. Smith experiences a crisis of faith, it is only an enigmatic Boy Scout named Virgil who can help him solve his problems. Illusion Theater, 528 Hennepin Ave. 8 p.m. $25 Sunday Music âÄì Mogwai with Women MogwaiâÄôs bio claims, âÄúMogwai paint pictures in sound; no words needed,âÄù after chastising the reader for looking at in the first place. So quit reading about Mogwai and just go to their MySpace. Ok, journalistic instincts (and general wariness of MySpace) just donâÄôt allow that. HereâÄôs some more information. The band hails from Glasgow, Scotland and they recently released their sixth album, âÄúThe Hawk is Howling,âÄù which carries more of their slow, cinematic instrumentation. TheyâÄôre playing with Women, a Canadian band that makes a more accessible brand of retrospective hippie music with a shoegazing, lo-fi minimalism. First Avenue, 701 First Ave. N. 8 p.m. $16 advance/ $18 door Theater âÄì âÄúRed InkâÄù The title of âÄúRed InkâÄù seems smartly aware of the futile attempts that history has had at naming skin colors, with a nod to the identity formed by a people in response. Written by seven Native American playwrights, this play makes up a ten-piece compilation of everything from parodies to tragedies. Mixed Blood, 1501 Fourth St. 3 p.m. $12 – $30 Music âÄì Loney Dear and the Headlights Loney Dear sounds like a post-pubescent emo band, his voice stripped of the hormones of say, Death Cab for Cutie but still packed with an openness of emotion and a knack for melody. He recently released âÄúDear John,âÄù which showcases the growth of his career from its origin in his parentsâÄô house, where he recorded his first album. HeâÄôs playing with Headlights, a four-piece from Illinois whose songs range from ethereal tunes that float above the floor to quick, folky dance tracks. Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave. S. 7 p.m. $10 advance/ $12 door Theater âÄì Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon was perfect for playing Elle Woods, the sorority girl who became a congress-shaking lawyer mostly out of spite to her ex (douchey) boyfriend. But life goes on beyond the Witherspoon, and this play finds that afterlife comfortably on stage. Ordway, 345 Washington St. 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m. $27 – $70 Moms âÄì MotherâÄôs Day Brunch Remember as a kid saying, âÄúWhy isnâÄôt there a childrenâÄôs dayâÄù and your mom would answer, âÄúbecause every day is childrenâÄôs dayâÄù? Well, she was right. Moms should get credit for all their blanket-swaddling, ducky-playing and later on âĦ drug search-patting efforts. A&EâÄôs suggestion is to take her out to brunch. Luckily, we live in a city full of every cuisine imaginable, so thereâÄôs sure to be something to suit her needs. Just find the label that best fits your momâÄôs taste. Country CookinâÄô The Egg & I restaurant makes savory renditions of traditional American breakfasts, with plenty of eggs. Its menu features the âĦ drool âĦ Kamikaze pancakes, which attach more toppings than your mom has diamond earrings. 2828 Lyndale Ave. S. Natural and Organic French Meadow Bakery and Café has a healthy menu of low calorie, natural and both meat and veggie options for any treadmill-hopping mama. Bonus: they also have organic wine and freshly-made pastries. 2610 Lyndale Ave. S. Trendy Zeno Café not only makes bold, energizing pots of French press coffee and tea, but their food is some of the most decadent and flavorful around. Sunday brunch also features fresh mimosas. 2912 Hennepin Ave. S. Mediterraean Diet Café 421 usually doesnâÄôt serve up breakfast, but they do host an annual motherâÄôs day brunch. Get a Greek coffee with their maple-glazed ham. 421 14th Ave. S.E. Watch this: âÄúStar TrekâÄù âÄúStar TrekâÄù is back and itâÄôs apparently not just for nerds anymore. Director J.J. Abrams briefly left The Island to resurrect the famed franchise and the result is possibly the coolest Trek outing in recent memory. This time around, KirkâÄôs a badass, Simon Pegg plays Scottie, and even Spock looks cool despite his follicle handicap. This movie has the potential to be so good that even the Borg will cheer. The Borg? Anyone? Listen to this: New York Dolls âÄúâÄôCause I Sez SoâÄù The New York Dolls might not be the Dolls of punk past, but they still know how to rock. Even though David Johansen looks like the damn Crypt Creeper, he can still write some tasty licks. And although Johnny Thunders is long gone, Todd Rundgren is back at the producing wheel and the man knows a thing or two about music. Read this: M.I.A.âÄôs blog This Sri Lankan musical whirlwind has a blog, which she decorates with ALL CAPS musings about her adventures around the world. She also posts pictures of her looking gorgeous post-pregnancy and hanging out with Oprah. Plus, isnâÄôt reading the blog of one of the yearâÄôs most influential people just called being a good citizen? Click this F— You Penguin ItâÄôs high time someone put animals back in their place, and this blog does just that. Eat this La LomaâÄôs Tamales Backed with smoothies and squeezed juice, La LomaâÄôs Tamales in the Midtown Global Market are probably the most authentic recipe you will get this side of the Rio Grande. With a variety of different choices and vegetarian options a plenty, La Loma, as well as every single venue within the market, is a good choice for weekend wandering hunger. Drink this Poor ManâÄôs Black Velvet To understand A Poor ManâÄôs Black Velvet, one first has to understand its richer cousin. A Black Velvet is Champagne floated with Guinness in equal proportions. Sounds disgusting? For some reason it isnâÄôt. A Poor ManâÄôs Black Velvet is Guinness floated with Cider (usually Strongbow) and is arguably better than the original. The heavy burnt caramelized taste of stout is complimented by the lighter fruity undertones of the cider or champagne. TheyâÄôre strong, so be careful.