GOP candidates to debate in Michigan

by Ian Taylor

The Republican candidates for the GOP presidential nomination are set to debate in Michigan this Wednesday, according to the Star Tribune. The debate will focus on how each candidate would fix the economy.

The candidates will also have to face tough questions about each of their oppositions to the government bailouts of Chrysler and General Motors and the tens of thousands of jobs that they provide. Right now, Michigan has an unemployment rate of 11.1%.

Mitt Romney will be in a particularly precarious position in this debate. Romney wrote a piece in 2008 called “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.

In another newspaper column on Tuesday, Romney focused less on his position of the bailouts and instead stressed his Michigan roots. He was born in Michigan and his father, George Romney, ran American Motor Corp. in the 1950s.

“In Detroit, the city of my birth, far higher joblessness has brought a great city to the edge of ruin,” Romney wrote. “There will be no one on that stage this week more pained by Michigan’s struggles than I am.”

Herman Cain is expected to face questions on the four accusations of inappropriate sexual actions he has recently been wrestling with in the media.  

Cain has insisted he will not leave his Whitehouse bid because of these allegations.

“Ain’t gonna happen,” said Cain.

Michigan politically has been shifting to the right in recent years.