Gov. Carlson honors U’s first lady

University first lady Pat Hasselmo was honored by the University Women’s Club Wednesday, of which she has been honorary president since 1989.
The declaration of May 28, 1997, as Patricia Hasselmo Day by Gov. Arne Carlson’s office delighted the bonnet-bedecked members, who celebrated the event with a traditional high tea.
“I’m overwhelmed,” said University President Nils Hasselmo’s wife, of the declaration. “Patricia Hasselmo Day? From the governor no less! Wait until I take this home to Nils!”
Mrs. Hasselmo wore an antique electric blue bonnet and salmon dress.
“In the old days, women never went anywhere without gloves and hats,” said women’s club member Miriam Selzer. About half of the guests sported traditional bonnets and hats in honor of the occasion.
The University Women’s Club, which changed its name from the Faculty Women’s Club in 1991, has been active in the University community since 1911. The primary function of the club is to provide gift scholarships to deserving women, particularly those who are returning to continue their education. Recipients in the past have possessed high academic standing and a commitment to community service.
Twelve to 15 $1,200 scholarships are awarded each year by the club. At the tea, newly-elected President Janet Weiss announced the addition of the Patricia Hasselmo Scholarship. “I hope it will go to someone who is as giving of their time and talents as you are, Pat,” said Weiss.
The scholarship fund is financially supported by volunteer work on special projects, as well as member contributions.
As honorary president of the club, Hasselmo has attended countless board and membership meetings, provided advice for five club presidents and served on many boards, including the Weisman Art Museum, the Minnesota International Center, the Goldstein Gallery and the Ebenezer Society.
When Nils Hasselmo retires his position as University president, Pat Hasselmo will retain her club membership.
Members of the club are women of all ages and backgrounds, including faculty members, staff members or civil service women throughout the community who are interested in the purposes and programs of the club, including both the scholarships and other volunteer activities.