Show us the money

The University should explain why fees are raised and where that money goes.

by Daily Editorial Board

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly passed a resolution to improve transparency when it comes to student fees. As student fees have increased each year, students want to know exactly where the money goes and why. Together, GAPSA and the Council of Graduate Students are requesting that the University of Minnesota clarify and explain why fees are being hiked, as well as notify students when fees are raised. The GAPSA resolution, which was voted on at their November meeting, states that fees rose almost 39 percent in fiscal year 2012, the Minnesota Daily reported. The graduate student government is not standing against student fees; rather, they are asking for a transparent process that shows students exactly where their money is going. With COGS asking for clarity as well, the University should respond to graduate students. ItâÄôs reasonable to ask for more of an explanation about where these student fees are being spent and why they are being raised each year. Both graduate students and undergraduates should have the right to know exactly what their money is being used for at the University. The University should work toward keeping all student fees processes open and fair. In addition to transparency, the University should make sure fees are only being raised for absolutely necessary reasons, as students are dealing with tuition and living costs that are already high and still rising. As finals arrive and students prepare to go home for winter break, we should support graduate students in their quest for financial clarity, and we should demand this transparency from all levels of the University.