Nearly 3,800 enroll in health insurance on MNsure

by Tyler Gieseke

Nearly 3,800 people enrolled in health insurance on Minnesota's new online insurance exchange in the two weeks after it opened, news sources report.

MNsure released enrollment numbers Wednesday, the Associated Press reported.


The enrollment statistics represent a slow start for MNsure, the AP said, pointing out that an estimated 300,000 Minnesotans are uninsured and several million are eligible to purchase coverage on the site.


But MNsure's executive director, April Todd-Malmlov, told the AP she expects the pace to pick up as a Dec. 15 deadline to sign up for insurance before coverage can begin on Jan. 1 gets closer.


"We are happy with the numbers so far and we think most of our enrollment is going to come in December," Todd-Malmlov told the AP.


According to MPR, some insurers said no one has really signed up for insurance yet, since the companies haven't received the personal or payment information they need from MNsure.


Although technology problems plagued the online exchange when it opened for operation Oct. 1, about 96 percent of those attempting to create accounts are now successful, Todd-Malmlov told the New York Times.