Daily Digest: Fox 9’s unmarked van

by Mike Rose

In one of the weirdest, most head-scratching stories on the media in a while, Fox 9 gives us this:

Fox 9 plan to mimic child abductors comes to a halt: Following a child abduction in Edina last week, the good folks at Fox 9 decided to "investigate" by rolling around the suburb in a van and trying to lure kids in. MPR had the story yesterday evening, and the web has been abuzz over it since (see David Brauer’s MinnPost entry here). Fox pulled the story following some uproar from Edina parents. Thoughts?

Coleman wants more time: Norm Coleman has requested a more "leisurely" (as the Star Tribune calls it) schedule for his recount appeal. What is more leisurely? The Coleman team would like oral arguments to begin no sooner than mid-May, and easily later than that. On the other side, Al Franken’s leagal team would like oral arguments to be done by May 4. Any suprise the two are arguing over something again?

Earth Day! Yes, today is the annual celebration of the environmental movement. The first Earth Day was in 1970 (you can impress your friends with that little piece of trivia now). And to add some news punch to this entry (it’s what this blog does, people), you can read about Obama’s Earth Day speech in Iowa on windpower.