Student group emerges amid debate

In the upcoming school year, the University campus will be transformed by a new student group. This group stands to end violations of human rights by an oppressive political regime. We need the support of students, faculty and staff for a divestment campaign where we all stop University support of corporations that financially sustain this regime.

This group, the Coalition for Justice in Palestine, aims to raise awareness to end apartheid, anti-Semitism and anti-Arab xenophobia. You may have noticed that in recent months the Israeli government has targeted, maimed and killed countless and increasing numbers of Palestinians.

Countries around the world have publicly condemned Israel, yet the United States openly supports this regime. And your University spends your money to support American companies like General Electric, which makes the supplies that are directly used to kill innocent people. Therefore, we need to put real pressure on the people that make the decisions about our money.

We realize the nature of our group, as well as our campaign, is sure to incite some controversy and lively debate, considering the current political climate. There is a long line of campaigns, such as the civil rights movement, the environmental movement, and the anti-apartheid movement against the South African regime, that have met with much resistance. Fingers have been pointed at these activists, calling them idealistic, anti-American and even racist. But these campaigns, fighting for peace for all, succeeded because people stopped to listen and to care. We simply ask that, as a member of this University, you now do the same.


The Coalition for Justice in Palestine is a new student group. Send letters to the editor to [email protected]