Dealing with post-break blues

The week after spring break is filled with exams, papers and stress.

Spring break is over, and students and faculty at the University are back in their normal schedules. Having a weeklong break in the middle of the semester is necessary for many to stay happy and motivated. However, it is quite common that the weeks following spring break can be messy and stressful. Let’s face it: After a week of relaxing or vacationing, it’s tough to get back into school.

While many instructors schedule their midterms and paper deadlines before the break, many others position tests and assignments during the following week instead. The general idea is that they are giving students an extra week to prepare themselves.

While many students love the idea of having an extra week to work on papers and study for tests, often the plan to work on things ahead of time falls through. Students who went home or vacationed over break likely didn’t get as much work done as they had originally intended.

We think it is safe to say that everyone would have fewer headaches if instructors scheduled important due dates and exams to happen during the week prior to break. The time off would be enjoyed more, and students would have less stress to deal with while trying to get back into the swing of things.

It is unlikely that instructors will change their ways without students’ suggestions. Many probably believe students used the extra time to work and study diligently. While some students did find time to study during break, many others did not find time until the weekend before. It does no good to anyone when students pretend they worked really hard over break when they really didn’t. If students and instructors were more honest with one another, a lot of stress could be relieved.

As students deal with the stress of post-break exams and papers this week, there are many things that can help relieve stress. Students should try to clear clutter from their lives as well as their schedules. This means getting taxes done, spring cleaning and organizing for the rest of the semester. Getting rid of excess stressors will make it easier for students to get back to the books.