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>dude, have you ever pictured what a kid would look like of two band kids? Particularly with one parent also in the IT. I HAVE, it is gross. I think that might be worse than incest. Yuck, makes me want to vomit. Actually, I did vomit. What if they dresses the kid in all pink too. Net: “What if they dresses Ö “? Is this Gollum writing in again? gross. They would probably even give the little bastard instruments and whatnot to play too. he probably would be good at playing NUTT too because he probably has an extra mouth or something which in reality would come in handy in the gayness of band, ifyouknowwhatiamsaying. So ok band geeks, go ahead and reproduce. But don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you. Net: Leaving aside your homophobia for a moment, have you ever considered that many of the people who DO reproduce are as bad, or worse, than the couple you’re describing?

From Hobbes

Regarding Prettyin PINK‘s Thursday entry. Honey, I don’t know how to sugar-coat this, but the fact is, you’re not as intelligent as a geek. They dress like they do not out of a desire to be conformist, but simply because they don’t bother wasting the CPU cycles on whether the pink shoes go with the brown skirt. If they look stylish, it’s because some blessed soul like Bi_Eye is out there giving advice. And as far as women in pink goes, this is college. If you’re dressing up, it’s because you want to reproduce. End of discussion. I’m in no particular rush to copulate, so I wear sweatpants. And white athletic socks. That way, if someone happens to be attracted to me based on looks alone, I know this person is a) completely insane and b) exactly my type. Net: OK, last time we checked, there was a difference between copulation and reproduction. Maybe not for the pink-wearing girls, but for smart girls there is.


Thank-God I am graduating in a few weeks because I am about to lose my mind. How can modern-day young women be so Goddamn complacent and stupid? Net: Nu, you were expecting maybe some feminists or intellectuals at this school? I thought we were supposedly getting smart here ladies. There is a serious problem with the world right now and it seems that most of you have decided that your cell-phones and designer clothes are more important than the capacity, that sadly has diminished in your brains ever since you learned how to drive a car, of critical thought and intelligent communication. Net: Well, if long-windedly, put. Speaking of which, if you are going to go through the trouble of desecrating the bathroom walls with commentary let’s move beyond the immature correspondence that has been informing me for years about whose diseased genitals are bigger. I’m over it and I am inclined to be happy for you and your newly acquired STDs. Women of the world, save yourselves! Your uteri are being manned by a bunch of pukey rich white guys who expect you to spread ’em every time the Viagra kicks in. Enjoy life while you can little girls. Net: That’s what they think they’re doing, though. Complacency is a dangerous thing and the last thing this world needs is the release of millions of your ignorant spawn being set loose to destroy what little is left of the world. Do us all a favor and try to stop binge drinking during the duration of your pregnancy, which you will soon be forced to endure regardless of the fact that some equate pregnancy with some strange type of parasite. Your kids will be stupid enough without adding FAS to the equation. Net: Fetal alcohol syndrome is no laughing matter. One thing you’ve gotta say for the developmentally disabled, though, they’re a lot less hypocritical than your average, cunning suburbanite.