Anchor: The a-fish-ionado’s dream

N.E. restaurant Anchor Fish & Chips rated high on A&E’s seafood scale.

Tony Libera

The Anchor Fish & Chips WHERE: 302 13th Ave. N.E. British cuisine generally gets a bad rap on this side of the pond âÄî thereâÄôs just something about spotted dick that doesnâÄôt appeal to the appetite of most Americans. ItâÄôs a stereotype, of course, and like most stereotypes, it stems from a general unfamiliarity. Luckily, with the opening of Northeast restaurant The Anchor, Minneapolitans can finally put the age-old myths to rest. Officially, The Anchor resists the categorization of an English establishment, preferring instead the label of âÄúreal deal fish and chips joint.âÄù However, their menu features some of BritainâÄôs most well-known culinary exports, from ShepherdâÄôs Pie to pasties, making it hard not to associate the two. The Anchor prides itself on its fish and chips, a dish as tasty as it is filling. The hearty slab of deep-fried Alaskan cod measures the size of a forearm and swims atop a pool of crisp fries. The meal doesnâÄôt come with tartar sauce, but if you ask, the staff will be more than happy to bring you a cup of thick, homemade cream that puts that of Kraft and HellmanâÄôs to shame. Unlike many fish joints, beef-eaters are not forgotten here. The ShepherdâÄôs Pie, a plate of meat and veggies served under mashed potatoes, is so savory that one patron felt the need to yell, âÄúDamn, that was good!âÄù But the beef-aficionadoâÄôs real best friend is the burger and chips combo, which comes from prime, grass-fed cattle. For a buck more, they top it off with a slice of sharp Irish cheddar that makes the taste buds melt into ecstasy. All hyperbole aside, itâÄôs one of the best burgers in Minneapolis. On weekends from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. patrons can find a substantial breakfast menu that will feed your appetite and cause your cholesterol to skyrocket. The full whack comes in at $12 but comes with two eggs, a rasher (thatâÄôs British-talk for Irish bacon, similar to the Canadian version), bangers (thick Castlebar sausages), black and white pudding, potato bread, a grilled tomato, mushrooms and Heinz beans. ItâÄôs difficult to stand out in a neighborhood with such a rich community of eateries, but The Anchor, with its immaculate baskets, has managed just that. It may be one of Northeast MinneapolisâÄô newest restaurants, but The Anchor has already established itself as one of the best.