Save the music

Kirsten Taylor

Walking through the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, I noticed a startling political yard sign displaying the phrase âÄúSave the MusicâÄù and below it, âÄúDonâÄôt let the Minneapolis City Council Ban 18+ Shows.âÄù As a third-year student at the University of Minnesota and an employee at a locally owned record store, I could not comprehend the absurdity of the proposal this sign was struggling to raise awareness against. Looking into the issue, I discovered that curbing underage binge drinking was the motive behind the proposal. While this is a serious societal issue, our music scene absolutely does not cause it. The local music is unique, irreplaceable and thriving. It is this way because of the people who turn out to shows, 18+ included. I cannot imagine my undergraduate years here without the music that has become such an important part of my identity. I hope the Minneapolis City Council chooses not to destroy such a colorful cultural experience for those to come in my wake. Kirsten Taylor University undergraduate student