Support for campus smoking ban

In response to Jeremy SeemanâÄôs response concerning the smoking ban, I would really like to challenge you on your ideas about choices and smoking. ThatâÄôs fine that you made the choice to smoke, weâÄôre all adults here, but at the same time youâÄôre making the choice for all those around you to inhale your secondhand smoke. What I donâÄôt think you realize is that the smoking banâÄôs main intention isnâÄôt preventing you from smoking, itâÄôs preventing all those around you from having to suffer from it. And hey, if it does affect the level of nonsmokers on campus, consider that a positive externality from the ban. As Kirsten said, smoking results in 38,000 deaths of nonsmokers, who all had their deaths chosen for them. YouâÄôre right, smoking is a choice. WeâÄôre just trying to prevent you from making the choice for us. Kelsey Uline University student