University Police cite three minors for consumption

by Brian Close

University Police Officer Erik Stenemann cited three female University students for minor consumption Saturday night after observing them waving beer bottles out a car window.
Melissa Funk, Gina Ciuilla and Andrea Sanocki, all 20 years old, were riding in a car near 18th Avenue Southeast and 5th Street Southeast when Stenemann spotted Funk hanging out the passenger-side window.
After pulling the car over, Stenemann wrote minor consumption tickets for the three passengers. No ticket was issued to the driver, who was of legal drinking age.

In other police news:
ù An 18-year-old University student received a citation for providing false identification after almost getting away with nothing more than a night in detox.
University Police officers received a phone call reporting a student passed out in a communal bathroom at Middlebrook Hall. Police transported him to detox after he provided them with his identification.
But later, when University Police Officer David Wilske was in Middlebrook investigating an unrelated theft report, an anonymous party informed him that the intoxicated student had used a false identification card when talking to police during the Sept. 22 incident.
Wilske then went to the student’s room, where he allegedly admitted to using a fake Utah identification card that he received over the Internet and subsequently lost at Sparky’s Bar & Grill. According to the police report, bar management could not locate the card.

ù In an unrelated incident, Wilske also cited Daniel J. Kuvaas, 19, for possessing a bogus driver’s license.
Kuvaas lost his wallet in a parking lot, whereupon another person found it and notified police. While searching the wallet for identification information, Wilske found two driver’s licenses: one from Minnesota and one from New York.
When Kuvaas arrived at the police station Saturday to reclaim his wallet, he allegedly admitted to using the fake driver’s license to enter bars. The license was confiscated.

ù A 28-year-old man was transported to detox after falling off his bicycle near 25th and Transit avenues southeast late Sunday night.
University Police Officer Octavio Reyes Jr. reported that he saw Lew Reeve attempting to ride a bicycle in what appeared to be an inebriated state. After Reeve fell off the bicycle, he admitted to drinking and the officer took him to detox.

ù Najine Hirargi, 25, was in-line skating near 15th and University avenues southeast when University Police Officer Troy Buhta advised him not to rollerblade in the street.
After the officer pulled away, Hirargi was back in the street. Buhta issued him a citation under an ordinance written by the Board of Regents stating that in-line skates and skateboards must be operated “in a safe manner.”
The penalty for violating the rule is a 24-hour confiscation of the in-line skates or skateboard.

ù Minneapolis police charged three men Sunday for possessing drug paraphernalia in a motor vehicle.
Nicholas West, 22, Damien Vasquez, 23, and Jesse Penner, 22, were cited after officers observed their car turning left from University on 14th Avenue Southeast.
The car turned into a lane with oncoming traffic, prompting the officer to make a traffic stop. According to the report, police officers found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car.