Plus-minus gradingin U’s near future

Members of the Twin Cities Campus Assembly approved a motion Wednesday to change the grading policy at the University.
The proposed policy allows for the addition of pluses and minuses to the five-grade A-F scale when a grade appears on students’ transcripts. The plus-minus grades would carry with them varying weights for calculating grade-point average. For example, an A- would equal 3.67 grade-points.
The Morris Campus Assembly has already approved the changes. If the Crookston and Duluth assemblies approve the policy, it will go into effect in the fall of 1997.
The Crookston and Duluth assemblies will each meet within the next two weeks.
The new policy would also group all other existing grading procedures under one comprehensive policy.
About 70 members of the Twin Cities assembly — which is composed of 145 faculty members, 33 students and University President Nils Hasselmo — took a voice vote at the meeting, and only five opposed the changes.
Laura Koch, chairwoman of the University Senate Committee on Educational Policy, said that more than two-thirds of universities in the nation use the plus-minus grading system.

— Jim Martyka