Student groups “Paint the Bridge”

Groups were given two days to paint panels that would attract new members.

Cassie Hosfield with Premed AMPSA

Erin Westover

Cassie Hosfield with Premed AMPSA

by Sadelle Schroeder

Members of the many student groups at the University of Minnesota claimed their panels on the Washington Avenue bridge this week during the annual Paint the Bridge event.

It began Thursday and will end Friday at 7 p.m. Groups were given freedom to include what they wanted on their panel as long as their name and contact information were visible.

Groups registered for space on the bridge and the Student Union and Activities website indicated all spots were filled. Paint and brushes were provided. Junior Virginia Arnold is involved in Via Media: The Christian Middleway. Part of St. Matthew Episcopal Church in St. Paul , the group is brand new this summer and is one of the only Christian student groups based on the UniversityâÄôs St. Paul campus.

The Ayn Rand Study Group begins its second year this fall. Senior Robert Westcott said, âÄúI read Atlas Shrugged and it was one of my favorite books.âÄù

The group is planning free lectures this fall on capitalism and freedom. Janelle Przybilla , a fifth year student, and Heather Sigstad , a third year student, are members of the Manga Anime Society .

âÄúWeâÄôre big into Japanese shows and books, and we like to discuss and watch these at meetings,âÄù said Przybilla.

According to the SUA guidelines, altering panels after FridayâÄôs 7 p.m. deadline will be considered vandalism. The event was only open to official University student groups.