Fashion’s about fun, not elitism

by Quynh Nguyen

IâÄôm tired of the revolving door of snarky fashion columnists in The Minnesota Daily. âÄúIf you want to get snapped on the street for Fashionista, avoid wearing the following:âÄù fun rain boots with cool stuff like strawberries and Scottie dogs on them. Yawn; another fashion police column. The culture of Perez Hilton, 4chan and fashion-critical tabloids is as overdone as the sweats-and-Uggs combination the Fashionista so detests. Why should we trust her advice when all we can tell of her fashion sense is the side view of a well-stocked closet? To the Fashionista: be different, be novel, be edgy; be all the things fashion can be. Do something radical, praise innovative outfits. Help us stay fashionable during the cold months as we bundle up to our noses. Delight us with reports on local fashions like what Somali women wear. And that snarky tone? ItâÄôs not helping anyone. That critical attitude generates fear and sheeples who will wear whatâÄôs safe: what everyone else is wearing. IâÄôd much rather see a column that inspires fashion creativity, fun and self-expression. And to everyone, donâÄôt be ashamed to let your inner kid out with silly stuff like colorful rain boots. If youâÄôre nervy about being caught by fashion police, you need to get your goofy rain boots on, stomp on puddles like no oneâÄôs looking. Quynh Nguyen University undergraduate student