E-cig rise linked to increasing nicotine poisonings

by Sarah Thamer

Minnesota health officials warned parents today  of increasing nicotine poisonings, linked to the rise of e-cigarettes, reports Minnesota Public Radio.

62 poisonings last year compared to 46 in 2013 have caused the Minnesota Department of Health to issue a “nicotine health advisory,” Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The liquid form of nicotine may be mistaken for drinks or candy by children, said a statement from the Health Department obtained by the Star Tribune.

Poisonings include calls involving unattended e-cigarette liquids being swallowed, inhaled, absorbed through the skin or coming in contact with the eyes,” reports the Star Tribune.

“While the numbers are on the rise, no nicotine poisoning deaths have been recorded in Minnesota. One death, however, has been recorded in New York,” reports WCCO.