Shame on Gophers football

by Zachary Stenberg

Head coach Tim BrewsterâÄôs refusal to suspend players for being criminals is despicable. I am embarrassed to be a Minnesotan, embarrassed to attend this University, embarrassed that I pay for BrewsterâÄôs salary and the tuition of his players, and angry that I subsidize the new TCF Bank Stadium with my tax dollars. Now, obviously, the majority of Gophers players are not committing crimes. But when Brewster does not suspend players for what could get professionals suspended is ridiculous. The first responsibility of the football team is to the state of Minnesota, not winning games (although that is another responsibility not being fulfilled). Just because a football team brings money to the University of Minnesota does not mean that it can do whatever it wants. Money does not make things right. Brewster, suspend these players or resign. I donâÄôt want to see another Clem Haskins. Zachary Stenberg University undergraduate student