Bicyclist injured in Dinkytown collision

The biker collided with a car turning into McDonald’s parking lot.

by Marion Renault

A bicyclist was rushed to the hospital after colliding with a vehicle outside the Dinkytown McDonald’s parking lot Wednesday evening, according to University of Minnesota police.

The cyclist seemed to be obeying traffic laws when the accident occurred around 5:30 p.m., said UMPD Officer Kay Temple, who was on the scene. Authorities gave conflicting reports about who struck whom.

The bicyclist was wearing a helmet, according to the vehicle’s driver.

The cyclist, who is not a University student, was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center, Temple said. He is being treated for a head laceration, UMPD Sgt. Ryan Rivers said.

The driver, who asked not to be named, had an 8-month-old baby in the car. Neither he nor the infant were hurt.

The driver said he was trying to turn left into the McDonald’s parking lot when he heard a loud thud. He said he only realized what had happened once he got out of his car.

“At first I thought he was dead,” he said. “But then he started talking to the EMT.”

Rivers said the biker had the right of way when he hit the car.

Meghan Holden contributed to this report.