UMPD arrests student carrying BB gun on Church St

The suspect explained he was trying to “shoot off” a bike lock.

by Jake Stark

Police  arrested a University of Minnesota student Sunday evening on charges of carrying a BB gun  rifle near Church Street Southeast, according to a University police report.

The officers responded to a report of a person carrying a rifle on Church Street, and the suspect ran after seeing the squad cars approaching, the report said. Officers had to physically restrain him and point a firearm at him.

The officers took the loaded BB gun rifle from the suspect and arrested him on charges of carrying a weapon without a permit, according to the report.

The suspect said he intended to use the rifle to “shoot off” the bike lock on his friend’s bike, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner  said. Miner said he’s not aware of any bike locks that can be “compromised by a BB gun bullet.”

Miner couldn’t recall a similar incident happening recently on campus, but he has heard of people using handgun style BB guns to commit robberies in the past.