Flamingos and where to find them

by Laini Devin

Flamingos Divine Finds is a Powderhorn based store dedicated solely to flamingos — just kidding.

With a flashy, pink storefront that can’t help but catch the eye, their home and garden themed antique furniture and trinkets are unlike anything you would find at a chain store.

This Wednesday, September 10th to the 14th, Flamingos Divine Finds grasps on to the summer spectacle with a sale that specializes in vintage, eclectic, artsy and affordable furniture and household items.

Flamingos Divine Finds runs their business with the motto, “you never know what you might find,” selling refurbished items anywhere from home d├ęcor to vintage electronics at prices that rival many thrift stores.

If you’re not able to pull yourself away from classes this week, keep an eye out for their sales on October 8th and November 5th.

Who knows — you might actually spot a flamingo or two.