Students flock to Boynton for massage therapy

by Amber Foley

With midterms drawing to a close and exam week around the corner, stressed-out students should be aware appointments at Boynton Health Service’s massage clinic are filling up rapidly.
Guy Odishaw, Boynton’s massage therapist, said students should sign up soon, as there is a two- to three-week wait for appointments.
Boynton’s massage clinic, located on the main floor of Boynton, offers an array of massage therapy services for students and faculty.
“The scope of what I do is broad,” Odishaw said. “The number-one reason students come to see me, though, is for stress-related neck and back pains.”
Odishaw’s clientele consists of 80 to 90 percent students.
Odishaw believes long hours, little sleep and poor nutrition contribute to relatively high-stress lifestyles for students. Massage therapy, he said, can help reduce some of that stress.
Sheila Hoover, a graduate student in the College of Education, turned to massage therapy after ibuprofen could not rid her of persistent headaches.
“After one session with Guy they went away,” she said.
Hoover saw the results soon.
“When I was writing my preliminary exams, massage really helped me to relax and manage the anxiety that comes with the process.”
Kathy Parker, a College of Human Ecology senior, considers massage therapy a maintenance for her body.
“It’s just something I do regularly to help reduce my stress,” she said.
The cost for any of the massages for students paying student services fees is $25 for a half-hour and $35 for an hour.
Odishaw said the charge at any other clinic would range from $45 and up for students.
Parker said money isn’t the issue — it’s more of a lifestyle choice.
“Students make the choice to go out Friday nights and spend $35, while other students spend the $35 to get a massage,” she said.
Odishaw urges students to look ahead.
“Don’t wait until you need a massage; anticipate it and plan ahead. That way in the end, it will be less of a crisis situation,” he said.