The referendum that matters most

Polarization deters from positive action in politics, and your action is needed to change politics.

An election that started out as a referendum on the president will end as a referendum on the current state of the Republican Party. The American people have an opportunity to condemn the recent polarization of politics. You have a chance to condemn a Republican Party that seeks to conform all of society to their religious beliefs. You have the chance to condemn a Republican Party that held the country hostage to lowering the debt. You have the chance to condemn a Republican Party that obtained their ransom for holding the country hostage, and then failed to compromise on a bipartisan solution of fiscal responsibility. Finally, you have the opportunity to condemn a Republican Party that made agenda item No. 1 firing President Barack Obama instead of helping the middle class. If you have any call to change your mind, this should be the reason.

Democratic control is not the ultimate solution to all of our country’s problems. But I do believe that the current ideological platform of the Republican Party is part of our problem. Government is never at its best when run from the extremes or run from solely one side’s viewpoints. Most issues have middle ground, and I can only assume the more moderate politicians we elect, the more room there is for understanding and compromise. The American people have conveyed a simple want for things to get done. A political arena that fosters productive debate instead of ideological grand-standing is a key part of this solution. An ideal society should be one that learns from each other and continuously progresses — though sometimes even accepting the other side’s view as right.

No matter what party you hold your patronage to, go out and vote with a conscience. I have a lot of faith in our generation and believe there is an opportunity to re-champion a society that works together instead of competing alone. First, we have to go out and vote ourselves. Government only responds to the demographics that have the most influence — this is the nature of politics. We can change the course of this nation with our voices, but strength is only found in numbers, and decisions are only made by those who show up.

It’s the election, stupid; get out and vote!